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31. March 2022.

HNK Rijeka: Football school

Communication is key to coaching team motivation. It allows them to reach their full potential. Just Flow teaches the coaches of the HNK Rijeka Football School […]
31. March 2022.

Sport News – Zlatko Olić

Zlatko Olić is a former football player who graduated from the HNK Rijeka football academy. It combines knowledge from football fields and knowledge of how our mind works and turns them into concrete techniques to improve football performance.
25. February 2022.

Why sports?

Sport is a universal language that everyone understands. By definition, sport is any physical and mental activity that a person performs according to a set of […]
09. February 2022.


Read the interview with the famous Croatian football player, a member of the great generation of "Vatreni"
01. February 2022.

Flow in snowboarding

Read an interesting interview with a young Rijeka Olympian. Lea Jugovac qualified for the Winter Olympic Games, which are being held in February this year in […]
27. January 2022.

“Iron sharpens iron”

No human being, like no phenomenon in nature, exists by itself. They interact with other things that surround them. So athletes are not exempt from this.
27. January 2022.

Training is the “code” of success

By training in sports and other areas of life, we create a "code" of success. Whatever we do, we will do it superbly.
02. September 2020.

Be like water

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it […]
25. August 2020.

Flow – Finding happiness

How to achieve a state of happiness in sports? There is a way and a path available to every athlete. Learn more. Happiness is not in […]
12. July 2020.

Zlatko Olić: Together We are Rijeka

Croatian football club Rijeka – Zlatko Olić: Together We are Rijeka Football tactics, technique, development of fitness, and then mind preparation are four basic elements in […]