What is Just Flow


Because Just Flow makes athletes more successful.

Fitness, tactical, technical and mind preparation are the four elements of a sports game in the exchange of which optimal sports results are achieved. Just Flow is a program related to mind preparation in sports. Mind preparation is key to show the first three elements of a sports game in full force. Just Flow leads to the improvement of sports results in the sports club and is especially intended for athletes and sports coaches.


For successful sports clubs

The collaboration is based on the experience from the field gained by working with athletes of all ages, from younger ages to older ones, from beginners to the most advanced. Also, working with teams and entire sports clubs, whether they are Junior Schools or B and A teams.

Just Flow applies methods and techniques from coaching. Coaching deals with change. The main goal in coaching in sports is to bring an athlete or team from one state to another. This second state is the point of expansion and development.

To achieve optimal sports results, the work applies knowledge from psychology, philosophy, neuroscience and communication, and other cognitive sciences, as well as from ancient directions such as Zen and Taoism. Methods and techniques are implemented through individual one-on-one coaching, team training and through lectures.


Just Flow gives great attention to the flow state. Flow is a basic prerequisite for athletes to give their best.

Through the program I sistematically work with athletes on skills that develop focus and concentration. They are given the knowledge of how to deal with worries, problems and distractions so that they are fully present in their performance.


When it comes to coaches, we also work on applied communication, which helps the coach to cooperate better with the team.


Being consistent and reliable has a lot to do with mental and emotional abilities. Any inconsistencies in the course of the game are usually associated with psychological ups and downs. That is why a good referee must have a stable state of mind.

Thanks to the exchange of knowledge from all sports and life in general, the program is constantly evolving and advancing.